What Are Pros In Gambling But Cons In Trading?

A beginning trader who has no knowledge of the market has the tendency to jump straight into trading every time he opens the chart. I myself had experienced this when I started trading in the Forex market. Anyone could be tempted into trading right away because of the ease of using the Mt4/ Mt5 trading platform, you just to have to enter a position size and click either the bid or ask.

Forex is also open 24 hours and 5 days a week. Some brokers offer 24/7 and because of the tight competition of brokers, some even offers to let you open a trading account as low as $5. To some people, it’s just like a casino on your laptop, you will be able to place a bet anytime and everywhere you want. These are some reasons why most people thought trading is a form of gambling. Let’s try to discuss what are some pros on gambling, but cons in trading in order to clarify the difference between these two.

No. 1 Pros in Gambling – Requires No Analysis

In gambling, a gambler has no means of analysis in a game in order to have a better chance to win. You only get to place a bet and start gambling right away. That’s why you always have a 50/50 chance of probability in winning a game in gambling. pussy888 apk

No. 1 Cons in Trading – Requires A Handful Of Analysis

In trading, You have two types of analysis, Fundamental and Technical analysis. In fundamental analysis, a trader must analyze the economy of a country, GDP, inflation, growth in jobs and the central bank’s interest. This requires a lot of time in order for a trader to make a decision to start a trade on a currency pair. This kind of analysis combined with technical analysis is always used by large institutions as they handle billions of dollars in their portfolio.

In technical analysis, traders use a chart as the main tool to analyze the market. This tool shows the historical graph of the price movement of a currency pair which shows some patterns to which where the price would possibly go. Within the chart are tools like price action, trend lines, Fibonacci retracement levels, indicators and etc., are combined to find the confluence zone (an area in the chart where indicators meet at a certain point) to further raise the probability of winning a trade. This kind of analysis is often used by retail traders. That’s why as a trader, you have to analyze first in order to have a better edge in the market and have a higher probability of winning a trade or else you will be like a gambler.

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